Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Daily Telegraph steals the photographs of my mate, adds them enfuriating captions and publishes the whole lot

The Daily Telegraph has published online this set of photographs, that are the work of Maciej Dakowicz. This was done without asking for permission, with no payment and not even credit on the photographs. Some of the captions have been twisted on the interest of the Telegraph, even if they are untrue. I've sent them a complaint, but I wonder if they'll read it. Here it goes:

Regarding your article on "shocking photographs of drunken behaviour in Cardiff" (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/5119650/Shocking-photographs-of-drunken-behaviour-in-Cardiff.html)

You migh at least want to contact the photographer (Maciej Dakowicz), as I doubt he has given his consent in the online publication of these photographs. Among others, his name has not been cited anywhere. Also, some of the claims that have been added as captions to the photographs are untrue. One of them is that people in one of the photographs are being beaten and kicked, which I think might not be the case although the editor has happily claimed so. Another claim is that people perform sex surrounded by other people. Such sexual acts are not depicted in any of the photographs, so I think that it's again the fault of a "trigger happy" editor.

Photographers are not very keen on having their work robbed by established magazines and newspapers, so I'd like to ask for this article to be removed or ammended with the consent of the photographer.

Joni Karanka


Anonymous said...

maybe they've changed the page in light of your post, but there is now a credit and a link to his site.

Krazy P. said...

Wow. Hope some junior editor is getting his ass reemed.

Eledhwen said...

En estos momentos, el artículo ya no es accesible.

J. Karanka said...

Yeah, they seem to be changing this. Don't know how the whole thing will end up.

Mei said...

The link no longer works but I think it may be the same thing I sent Maciej an email about a couple of weeks ago.

That's a serious issue and he shouldn't just look for a credit, he should demand to be paid fairly for the use. And if they don;t pay he should find a lawyer and sue them for it.

Anonymous said...

They have used them, so they need to - and will - pay for use. I suggest invoicing them.

J. Karanka said...

This issue has been sorted out. Just to let know!

Anonymous said...