Thursday, 25 June 2009

Into the mainstream

I shot a handfasting (sort of a wedding) last weekend. In nice sweet 220 colour film in square format. It's kind of fun to give a go to what is the ultimate breadmaker of the professional photographer. I got the film processed pretty fast, so I'm already making a dummy of the book. This is misleading in the speed, as I only got low res scans of the film, and the final copy will need rescanning of all the images that are bound to be printed.

Anyway, a truly enjoyable experience.


thechrisproject said...

You had the lab do those scans? The color looks nice.

J. Karanka said...

Yes, the fastest and cheapest scans they make, but I needed something for sequencing. Now it will be some extra effort to match the colours when I scan the keepers in the flatbed.

Skye said...

Love the samples. Negative or transparency?

Arcady Genkin said...

These look great! Did you have to do any posed shots, as well?

Please post the final edit!