Monday, 2 August 2010

Gallery updates

It's been a long time I've not updated the blog, and it's about time. I blame my lack of time, though! I just came back from a quick meetup at Cardiff City Council to discuss (briefly) the status the Third Floor Gallery and handing them a copy of our trust deed. Since the last time I wrote on this blog we've shown a few nice photo exhibitions...

David Solomons - Up West

For the lovers of street photography, one of its main exponents on this time and age...

Jocelyn Bain Hogg - Muse

New work by Jocelyn Bain Hogg from VII Network. Muse dwelled in the little details of natural beauty.


A group exhibition that showcased a large variety of photography produced in Wales.

Chris Steele-Perkins - For Love of the Game

For the duration of the Football World Cup we produced an exhibition with Magnum heavyweight Chris Steele-Perkins showing the social aspect of the game in Ghana, Japan and England.

Carolyn Drake - Paradise Rivers

And currently we are showing Paradise Rivers by Carolyn Drake. Some of the most beautifull documentary photography you'll come accross.

Also, with Carolyn we have a novelty. For the first time we had the spare time on the day of the opening to interview her and produce a little video on vimeo. It is just good enough, but they'll definitively improve over time!

Carolyn Drake 'Paradise Rivers' from Third Floor Gallery on Vimeo.


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