Friday 3 April 2009

Dr Karanka's Stravaganza - Cardiff

Tomorrow I'll be showing in my living room prints from a lot of photographers. I've been receiving these over the last month, and once they are placed in a box they will be sent to Bologna. Dates: tomorrow from 6pm in 41 Arran Street, Cardiff. On the 9th of May in XM24, via fioravanti 24, 20100 Bologna.

Some picks:

Cyril Costilhes

Joni Karanka

Vicky Slater

Ben Roberts

Jules Boast

Maciej Dakowicz


aNaY said...

Hi Joni! This looks really good. And it is a great idea to show them in your living room before travelling to Bologna. I wish I could go tomorrow!

Have fun!


Alick Cotterill said...

Wish I could've come also, would've been great to meet other passionate people :) Maybe next time!