Sunday, 10 February 2008

Life: drugs

I was walking down Queen Street tonight. These street performers gave me a can of Guinness. They were pleased with the acoustic stuff I played and also with the House of the Risin Sun. I said it was shit. Even so, they gave me a can. I kept on walking towards home. I got to the next performance. There was a cute girl next to the guy playing. She didn't kiss me. A guy asked me someting.

- You want a sip? - I ask.
- Yeah.

Bloody bastard gives it a loooooong sip.

- Man, take care.
- What you mean?
- I need to go to bed, that's my valium.
- No, come on.
- Seriously, I assure you I have problems sleeping.
- Man, don't tell me that.
- No, I'm not joking, I can't go to bed before three or so, and that if I'm drunk.
- Come on, I've been taking extasy.
- Well, I've been taking valium.
- No, seriously, how many valiums where in that can?
- Two.
- What? I've been drinking, taking extasy and xxxxx, what's going to happen to me?
- Don't know.
- Fuck you! You didn't tell me there was valium in that can!
- I didn't know you were going to down it...
- Fuck you!
- Seriously.
- Fuck you! I've been taking extasy! Man! I can't mix! Please!
- Hahahaha, come on! I'm just joking!
- And the valium?

I love being a bastard sometimes. I'm not sober, though. But I like it when people give me free beer. Some north waelian people also gave me a fiver tonight for being shooting. Life is weird. People seem to like me even if I'm a cynical bastard.


Anonymous said...

good luck with the hangover!

J. Karanka said...

@anonymous: damn, yes, I do have a hangover... going to get some coffee to see if I recover a bit...

Waxy said...

Photography and coffee: my drugs of choice. And maybe the Internet.