Sunday, 16 March 2008

In Alicante

I´m right now writing in a cybercaf in Alicante while drinking an Alhambra (beer from Granada) and killing all the annoying pop ups that tell me about the viruses this pc has. Arrival was a bit of a mess. Due to fog Easyjet diverted us to Valencia and kept on going about whether we would fly in a bit to Alicante or go by coach. Wow, the guy that runs this place looks like Fito from Fito y los Fittipaldis. Same hat. Well, back to the story. So Easyjet kept us in there hostage inside the plane for a couple of hours without food and with just a glass of water. Then I ended up in this closed airport at night fighting for getting room in the busses. The drivers didn´t know anything and there was no representative taking care of us. Brilliant. At least I ended up sharing the three hour drive with two beautiful girls from around here. Most things seem good here. Like the food. I just had yesterday caldo con pelota. Never seen that before. It translates as 'soup with a ball'... of meat. Nice. There´s also a cafe by the harbour called "Cafe del Puerto" which has the most beautiful waitresses I´ve ever seen. Oh, and nice metal pubs around here as well.

Today I spent the afternoon in the beach (how hard it is to shoot there!) and half an hour ago I was shooting (flash, colour, wide) one of the easter processions. Lots of blue and purple. Tomorrow I´ll go to the fallas in Valencia and meet up with mates. In a bit I go back to the street. By the way, I watched the final of the six nations yesterday. Wales won big time, so I guess the party in Cardiff had to be massive... and I wasn´t there! I had to watch the match with two Irish families...

So, everything is good around here, but the nine hour trip to Malaga is going to be annoying.

Oh, and in the plane a welsh guy on extasis was trying to make a trash metal band sing Welsh anthems. Good fun. Much better than just sitting around.

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