Thursday, 20 March 2008

Semana Santa

I was shooting the Easter parades in Alicante the other day. After that, Fallas in Valencia followed. It was pretty strange to be shooting fill in flash during the day in colour. Of course, I haven't seen anything as I'm loaded with Fuji's NPC and NPH. Wedding film somebody told me. Easter is a strange time. I remember my father being nazareno and stopping me in the middle of some crowded dark street. Weather is not being great. Horrible thunderstorms stopped everything that might have been going on yesterday and today electricity went. It's back now. I'm not sure if the brotherhoods are going to risk taking out the hundreds of kilograms of gold and silver and the images.

I managed to meet up in Valencia (sequentially) first with old friend Fabrizio and then with my more recent friend Ana.

Photography discussions today seem to go back to Goya all the time. Welcome expressionism.

- El Aquelarre, Goya.


aNaY said...

Humm party after party and you end up with an "aquelarre"... Will be interesting to see your pictures! ; )

Anonymous said...

yea, can't wait for those photos.

do they really put stuffs like toy baloons on a crusifix ?