Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Welsh Weather complaints

After reading in today's edition of the Western Mail the article The most miserable August on record I'm not that surprised I shoot indoors and at night. August in Wales allows for up to 14 hours of sunlight / day due to it's high latitude. However, we only reach an average of about 4 hours of light / day this year, which is even less than the usual 6 or 7. And it's true, about half of the days are heavily overcast and the other half are cloudy (that's when some sun comes through). Rainfall has been pretty heavy as well. The only times that you see people out is when they go shopping and at night when they go out. Gloomy as fuck. Of course, not even the most miserable weather can stop people from going out for a pint even if they have to return drenched.

I think there was more activity in spring than there is now, at least in places like parks and other outdoor venues. People knew back then that the weather was rainy and they were prepared for it and went out. Even sometimes, the activity that would otherwise take place outdoors would move into the undergrounds, but with the gloomy summer that doesn't happen either. Oh, when is March coming back?

(The Fountains in winter by me.)

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