Sunday, 31 August 2008

Moving pictures... High Hopes

I usually don't like music videos. Often I think that they manage to misrepresent the song or they age too easily or are too cheesy. I was really surprised when I loved the music video of High Hopes from beginning to end. It's full of beautiful surreal scenes, filmed with smooth camera movements and notable variety. It carries on suggesting and making me wonder. It manages somehow to mix these simple dreamlike scenes of warm colours with strong dutch angles. The mood and imagery it carries sticks as much as The Third Man. Sorry for the quality of the following captures... you'd rather just check the video I linked above!

Thanks to the f blog for pointing out the video!


K. Praslowicz said...

I've been meaning to make pretty much this exact same enrty on my site for while, only using Nick Cave's Love Letter video instead. Its kind of like what would happen if Eggleston went out with a motion camera, but I imagine our initial reaction towards these two videos were quite the same.

Ariane said...

I don't like music videos either, but I've enjoyed the winners (well, 3 out of 4 to be exact) of the contest set by Radiohead. It's animation, and you might enjoy them as well :