Friday, 5 September 2008

Views from Children of Weegee

I run this small flickr group called Children of Weegee. I thought it was about time to update a selection of images from the pool to show over here. Thanks to all the regular (and not so regular) contributors!

- by Patrick Romero

- by Olivier Thebaud

- by Andrej Filev

- by diadainconsupertrafra

- by Eric Weiss

- by Joni Karanka

- by Todd Fisher

- by Olivier Thebaud

- by Rose and Olive

- by Todd Fisher

- by Igor Moukhin

- by Joni Karanka

- by Philip Koch

- by Rafal Pruszynski

- by Rafal Pruszynski

- by Maciej Dakowicz

- by Andrej Filev

- by Cyril Costilhes


andrej said...

nice selection :)

BryanF said...


e.g.gatsby said...

this makes me hate flickr's way to show group pools again... all the pictures look much better here than in the pool, however you browse through it, and I realize that I missed quite a couple of great pictures up until now ;)

J. Karanka said...

Yeah, lots of good shit in the group when you actually dig in it for ten minutes. I'm quite glad that it has a tough, coherent look to it, even if it is very diverse. Peopled or not, intimate or not, colour or b&w, loosely or straightly composed, about all the possibilities are taken!

clottedsleepingbags said...

this blog is lovely.

came across it while searching paul mcdonough.

good work.