Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Politics & condoms

I'm following the American candidate race for presidency. It's much better than following football, and it has some real life soap opera elements. Plus you can perfectly follow it from the newspapers. It's just hilarious, where did they find a character like Sarah Palin, the Republican candidate for vicepresident? Guns, babies & Jesus sounds like a great book title -I might borrow that one-, but it has been stated that it's what she stands for. No, not by her haters, but by her followers! What an archetype... holding a gun in an office fitted with a bear fur she prompts memories of macho characters such as Rambo or Terminator... maybe one of those A-Team chicks that holds a submachine gun and has the same hit rate than the rest of the team...

But anyhow, the really tragic character is Levi Johnston. He's -allegedly- the man that made Palin's daughter pregnant. She says that they are going to marry, but I'm not sure if he has said anything. It's a bit late for abortions, and anyhow, Palin wouldn't really like that. With Bristol being seventeen and Levi eighteen, they can't even drink champagne after their wedding. Plus the mum is pretty much against abortion. And she hunts moose. And not only she's the Governor of Alaska and has been found to use this in her advantage before, but is running for vicepresident. The eyes of the whole Republican party -and also Jesus, and a random passerby like myself- must be on Levi. Could you get an erection with the whole Republican party watching? Damn. I think Levi makes a great pro-condom campaign. A month ago he was happily having a bit of a go with Bristol and now suddenly things have changed quite a bit. From a cheerleader she's turned into the daughter of Sarah Palin, the Red Sonja of Alaska. Case he had used a condom, things would be perfectly ok now. Instead, he's confronted with the pressure of a big political party and a mother in law that doesn't show compassion even for polar bears. Come on, if she sued the Federal state for trying to list polar bears -because the poor things happen to share territory with oil deposits-, what can she do to a guy that wouldn't marry her pregnant daughter?

Enough politics / gossip rant for today. Use condoms.

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