Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Life: largest zombie walk of Wales

"Some may argue the sight of zombies roaming the streets of Cardiff after dark is a common sight." - BBC News.

I ended up at the largest zombie walk of Wales last week with Anthony. I really enjoyed getting my face painted and walk around snapping pictures. Late at night I met David and Nicola as well and we went to drink to The Great Western. It's an amazing place to take pictures. There were some zombies there. There were zombies in McDonalds too. They were everywhere.

Picture by me.


Anthony Brockway said...

That's an excellent picture. The reflections are cool. The exact midpoint of the photo seems to be in the middle of her body, or is it her boobs? Not that such well balanced images necessarily make for great pictures - but it definitely works here. I can only conclude that you were nowhere near as drunk as I was at this point of the evening.

The Great Western a great place for taking pictures? You were clearly inebriated when you wrote this. Bring back the Staff Club now!

J. Karanka said...

I wish the Staff Club was back. The nights out rambling are kind of heartless without it.

You have a very sharp eye. I'm not sure of the midpoint, but it probably was intended. I wrote a comment about how I shot that picture and I thought that it makes a nice little story, so I'll share:

>> She was actually quite cute for a zombie. Not enough makeup to fool anybody. I shot her twice, this one being the first. It happened to be that everytime I went out she was returning from a cigarette. The second time she said "that's the second picture you take of me!". I replied, "you got lucky". Then she pointed at me with one of those sexy fingers and said "no, you got lucky" and disappeared into a dark club full of zombies.

Anthony Brockway said...

She's cute for a dead person - you should have got her number.

"Breaking the law, breaking the law". Oops. Sorry, that just slipped out. ;)