Monday, 19 November 2007

Q&A: November 2007

From the keywords through which people got to this blog.

Q: glamorgan staff club
A: It's closed. It used to be great. Maciej has some great shots of it.

Q: cartier bresson cropping
A: He didn't usually crop, but a couple of shots seem to have some, like the one behind the Gare St Lazare.

Q: bruce gilden camera techniques
A: I have a post about that.

Q: cleaner job in cardiff near grangetown
A: Can't help, sorry.

Q: what is a flashgun arbus picture of a flashgun
A: I don't know which one Diane Arbus used, but a flashgun is just a flash. Kick in lots of light into dark places or give an extra bit of exposure to badly lit subjects.

Q: stimulated ovulators
A: Cats, for example.

Q: no robert doisneau man jumping over a puddle
A: No, it's not Robert Doisneau, it's Henri Cartier Bresson. You have the image at the Magnum website.

Q: jonas bendiksen camera and film
A: I'm curious myself. I really like the colours of some of the photos in Satellites, but when I dropped him an email he didn't reply.

Q: how to hold a rangefinder
A: Funny that you ask me, I published a post about how to hold a Leica, which, in essence, is a rangefinder.

Q: how does garry winogrand do it
A: If I knew I wouldn't tell you.


Algernon said...

How interesting. English-speaking visitors from Google actually search for relevant information you can try to answer!

Light-years away from Spanish situation, indeed.

Anonymous said...

I too like the slanted version much more than the straight, it gives the impression that her leg is held higher and in a far sexiest pose, (almost like because we are on an angle we could even see up her skirt if we wanted to).