Thursday, 8 November 2007

Meetups: Cardiff flickr beers

Beer unites!

Not sure if it still should be called a flickr meeting, but for sure it takes part in Cardiff about monthly, and does involve beers. Luckily, Wednesday, when it was held, happened to fall within the beer festival of Wetherspoons. With time it's growing, slowly, but getting a bit of a crew that is usually eager to take part. Announcements are made both on flickr and facebook, so it's easy to catch.

Things that happened this time:

- Bartek Nowicki showed some of his boxing prints, Maciej Dakowicz brought some of his assorted street and documentary classics from around the world, Kirsten McTernan (who arrived in a coat about a foot taller than her) brought a collection of her artwork of artists. I brought the same old pictures of Milan and nightlife.

- The Park by Kohei Yoshiyuki was handed around to raise eyebrows of those taking part in the drinking. Such a unique masterpiece...

- The meeting finished when Metro's closed. Late. David, Kirsten and me left.

Anyhow, very good fun, very good crowd and very lively discussions on all topics. From wedding photography to flashes, film development, music or travelling. Neat.

Picture by Pawel Bogulawski.


stpiduko said...

Might be an idea if the London people did this too

I suggest a strip club

J. Karanka said...

As far as the girls like it too. Actually, the last time I went to a strip club I was there with girls. Not the ones working there, but the ones I knew in advance. You and David should pop around here sometime in the future so we could try to synchronize a beer meetup.

Kirsten said...

ha i only just saw this, my coat is great, even if it is a little too big! Its quite hard finding clothes when your the average size of a 12 year old (proof from this comes from the height/age chart in Tammy girl)