Sunday, 20 July 2008

Italian summer

It's quite surprising how much the number of interesting Italian photographers has increased in the last year. I guess it's all slightly based around the growth of fotografi di strada, the Italian street photography group. I'll misrepresent them as mischievious little buggers with very direct shots and some sense of humour. So as for trying to get simplistic tags that other people can misrepresent as well.

- cafone

252606 ve 027
- ciarlicappa

- laura rodari

- philip koch

- pigei

the sound of a city
- sanoi

I guess this summer I can be expecting more of the same. Plus the oddities of hardcore animal farm photography. Hum.


greg said...

fa ca'are

ps. bH has the sexiest profile photo of them all. ;)

pHilip said...

@greg: u bet, i shot it!

(thanks joni for the post, im pretty happy of the new wave of fresh meat shooting in the bloody damn streets of italy (and kazakhstan, of course)


u forgot diada, but hell, that's a whole different realm!

laura said...

thanks joni for this

@philip: yes, you shot it, but I am.. mmm.. damned photogenic?

@greg: i'm blushing ;)

Algernon said...

Hihihi :-D

J. Karanka said...

Yeah, but it's hard to misrepresent the Italian wave using diada's pictures, Philip!

ciarlicappa said...


we've never been misrepresented in such a beautiful way!

Alessandro Marchi said...

i would never thought that one day i would have be a part of an italian wave of something... it's the right moment to stop working, buy a motorcycle, put all money in the lateral bags of it and drive east until the money lasts. thanks joni!