Saturday, 5 July 2008

Weather again

All the rain is driving me a bit mad now. I start to think that Britain has only two representative months in a year: March and October. Marches are characteristicly rainy, murky and windy. The average day is cloudy, cool but mild and presents rain at some point. These days carry on one after another for weeks. Ocasionally there is continuous rain for a day or two, but this rarely carries on for a week. Sometimes, cool but dry days happen. Snow can't be expected. The sun appears every now and then. Very rarely a day or two of sunshine raises the temperatures unexpectedly, only to immediately return to the murky rainy days. Octobers are characeristicly rainy, murky and windy. The average day is cloudy, mild and presents rain at some point. These days are mixed with the occasional day that does not present rain and in which the clouds retreat to show some sunshine. This happens for a day or two, but rarely carries on for a week. Every now and then you get thunderstorms and torrential rain. Altough rarely we get the cold average weather of Marches, occasional very cold days can be expected. Sometimes a day or two of peak sun and warmth appear, but these are as frequent as snow, which means that you can't rely on them happening on a specific year.

Also, you can't expect Marches and Octobers to happen on a certain part of the year, they are just sort of mixed around. They can't be predicted. For example, this July (like last year) seems to be another March:

I feel very lucky that I'm going to France on Monday. They have summer months there.


BennehBoy said...

You have it all wrong Joni, it's february and september.

Anthony Brockway said...

You can tell when it's summer in Cardiff - the rain is slightly warmer.

Have fun in Arles - don't go chopping off any of your ears.

Charlotte said...

Creo que el que pongas un post sobre el tiempo es síntoma inequívoco de que te estás aburriendo mucho en Cardiff. El sábado 9 celebro mi cumpleaños, ¿quieres venir?

Charlotte said...

Me refería al 9 de agosto, claro.

JD said...

Ye, enjoy france you lucky bugger!

Today is nice and shiny in the land of Sheffield, but since I'm free this afternoon it will rain... and not any of that wussy welsh rain either... proper yorkshire man rain.