Monday, 14 July 2008

Seen in Arles... Stefan Vanfleteren

The European Night of Rencontres d'Arles was for me a bit disappointing. Lots of boring photographs of more of the same shot in more of the same way. It is amazing how many photographers from different countries decide to put a photograph of an abandoned car in the middle of the forest in their slideshow. Coincidence?

At least the Belgians were hitting a bit harder. They had at least two photographers that got ovations from the audience each time that a new bunch sat to look at their work. One of them was Stephan Vanfleteren:

The edit he has online doesn't seem as strong as what he was showing in Arles, and I can't find many of the photographs. His portraits of Belgians at home and in bars were very strong. Often funny, close.


stpiduko said...

upskirt is the new isolated caravan !!!

Photography is moving in the right direction

[terrorkitten] said...

I really enjoyed this guys work as well...have been hooked on square for a while now but I am tempted to dust the leica off and make her work for her supper!