Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Images: Albany Road

Albany Road is my closest shopping street. I have not taken pictures with any dedication for weeks. I'm writing up my thesis, and the only predictable time I leave home is when I go to drink coffee. I am getting into having a little half an hour stroll around Albany Road when I do so. There's not much going on. People shopping, Tesco eating and spitting people, Iceland all red and charity shops. Sometimes workers giving a new look to a shop or building. The brighter days, at four in the evening the sun starts to elongate the shadows along the pavement. Again at eight in the morning. It's strange to shoot in my neighbourhood as sometimes I bump into people I know (and I'm unable to really stop for a chat).


Anthony Brockway said...

I like these pics. Albany Road, City Road and Crwys Road are under-photographed in Cardiff. How many more pics do we need to see of the Millennium Stadium or the Wales Millennium Centre? That moment before dusk is an atmospheric time to shoot also. Good stuff.

J. Karanka said...

Yeah, and Roath is very normal Cardiff. Hard to shoot, but when you 'have to shoot by instinct' you end up doing something. Not great but ok. What is Tremorfa like? You really give it publicity nowadays :-D

Anthony Brockway said...

Tremorfa? It's just like any other Cardiff council estate to look at - pretty boring, but it has an eerie atmosphere (to me at least). I think it is because it is cut off by the railway and it's by the sea. It is one of the few areas of Cardiff (apart from the Docks obviously) where you get any sense that you are near water. If it wasn't for the seagull population most Cardiffians would forget that they live in a port.

Nice pic of the lady doing up her shoe btw. I really like b/w pics of rain-slicked streets - they always look cool. And let's be honest one thing Cardiff isn't short of is the wet stuff.