Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Life: at the Staff Club

It's a bit over half past five, on a Wednesday here in Cardiff. Already one hour ago Maciej texted me that he had had three pints at the Staff Club. This place is our Mecca. It's also Maciej's Paris. I would say that it's Maciej's Doisneau's Paris, but I'm not sure if the English language can strech words and sentences so far. Like any place that you know as well as your childhood neighbourhood, the whole life is represented there. It's also a great place to chat, meet people (or should I say wonderfull characters?), drink very cheap beer and sing in the karaoke. At least I sing in the karaoke till they take the microphone from my hands.

Enjoy life. That's the message in pictures that could be told of the Staff Club. Some other day the rest of that will be in the spotlight over here. In the meanwhile I think about how important is to have one of those meeting points, a secret cave, house on the tree or haven where everything is comfortable and feels like at home. You know everybody and everybody is accepted. Where do asses go?

I'm now off to enjoy myself, chat about things that matter, have a beer and later on go to my own small private Paris.

Picture by Maciej Dakowicz.


Maciej said...

I am back from Paris, no photos, hangover tomorrow

Stpiduko said...

I'm sure you've got a great voice

but the voice in my head suggests otherwise

I've got good memories of this place and for some reason I'm glad it wasn't tainted by music*

* in the widest sense of the word

J. Karanka said...

Oh, stpiduko, last night they were playing even Prodigy. Then I went to Metro's and they were playing Prodigy. No hangover, but it's rainy in Paris.