Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Spotlight: People I have Asked by stpiduko

Finally a touch of colour in this blog. stpiduko (I call him Eamon) shoots portraits of strangers. He's quick. Approaches a person, asks politely, and has probably shot by when the subject is getting out of the shock. Apart of all the blablabla that he does in the previous blog you can also see his stuff as a more stylish photoblog.

People shot anywhere stopped in the middle of their daily affairs. Something catches our eye in the images. The girl that has been shopping, the dressed up man in a party, somebody's new sunglasses. A very simple cross section of what the street looks like in 2007.

The complete series of People I Have Asked are here. Every now and then there are new images added. I think that Eamon wants to make a thousand...

1 comment:

Anthony Brockway said...

Really good portraits. Great way to talk to attractive women. And men in animal costumes. I must buy a camera.