Monday, 8 October 2007

Spotlight: They called me a corporate whore, by Hin Chua

The daily commute to the City. The skyscrapers and the glass gurkin casting their shadows on the passerbies. The expensive clothes, cigars. It's all black or grey. The day never ends. You wait and wait as the watch ticks slowly. You catch your boss for a screwdriver in the corporate bar. He's earns twice your salary and still complains. When you get home you've lost your tie.

That's what Hin Chua's series of black and white pictures make me think about. Finished off with a nice neorrealist style and some sense of humour, they give me a feel of something I don't want to be. It's too obvious to say that Hin's world is made of men in suits, spreadsheets and clocks ticking, but well, it's also true. I wouldn't miss all the references to other photographers in the complete series. First one here:

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