Friday, 12 October 2007

Life: "want to run out and take pictures"

Somehow reading this one post by Alec Soth sticked in my mind: Reflections in the helmet shield. It starts by describing the complicated equipment needed for a magazine shot. Later on it describes the even more complicated setup used by Gregory Crewdson for creating what I would say is an extremely elegant and boring image. Alec notes: "As with the VF cover, this doesn’t make me want to run out and take pictures."

When do you feel the drive of going out to the world and tell something in images? It's amazing to see the joy that the process can produce. At least the result. This is the only image I have ever seen that makes drying negative look like a romance:

That there is Trent Parke, who develops his film every day, no matter where he is. Gosh. Seeing something like that makes me want to go out to take pictures and at night nail them over the window, hear them bend and twist and crackle as they dry, and watch that spider that lives with me keep on building its net. I just pity my film because it will not dry here:

Time to go to the pub approaches.

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BioMaxi said...

Boy, I felt exactly the same way when I saw those pictures of Parke's life in the outback.